Tips on How to Create an Awesome Wedding Scrapbook

April 6, 2014 No Comments

People define scrapbooking in many different ways. However, even if there are a lot of definitions for scrapbook there is a common goal why we do scrapbooking – it is to preserve our memorable items by using a scrapbook like photographs, printed media, tickets or anything which is valuable for us.

When speaking of scrapbooks, many individuals would like to create a “wedding scrapbook” since this is the most important event in their life that they really would like to treasure and preserve. The question now is how to create a wedding scrapbook?

scrapbooking Before you start to create your wedding scrapbook, you need to choose the things you want to include in your scrapbook. You can certainly include anything from the engagement party, wedding ceremony or from the honeymoon. You don’t need to include everything in your scrapbook. Just pick the important stuff you want to add. However if in case all the things from your wedding are important and you want all of them to be added in your scrapbook, you can actually create  a separate memory album for each of the event in your wedding. This is actually a fun idea most especially if you really have the time to create your scrapbooks. Anyway, there is really no need to rush when creating memory books!

So after collecting and picking all the items you wish to add in your memory album, it’s time to create and design the pages of your memory book. This part will be easy since you already posses all the items you need for your scrapbook. All you need to do now is to assign the items in your scrapbook to determine how many pages you’ll need for your scrapbook. Choosing a bigger size album like 12 x 12 is ideal since for sure you have a lot of memorable things you would like to add in your scrapbook. After that, now it’s time to get all your materials like colored papers, embellishments, glue, pencil, pair of scissors, glitters and decorations and everything that you’ll you need in completing your wedding scrapbook.

The final step would be to classify all the items you want to include in your scrapbook and place them in your scrapbook pages. The best way to sort them is by event e.g. from engagement party to wedding ceremony to the honeymoon. For the design, it doesn’t need to be complex. A simple design would be perfect for any wedding scrapbooks.

Creating a wedding scrapbook is really fun and easy. You just need to be creative!


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