Lists of New Products That You Can Use for Your Scrapbook Projects

April 6, 2014 No Comments

scrapbookingThere are tons of interesting products that you can use for your scrapbook projects. Using these products will make your scrapbook design look nice and exceptional .This new products are created to make your scrapbook projects simple but with amazing designs. These innovative products comes from different companies who continuously develop helpful tools and products for crafters.

Below are the lists of new products that you can use for you scrapbook projects.

Cardstock Packs in Organizers from Doodlebug Design

The Doodlebug Design company are known for using effervescent  colors for their papers and decorations. They have recently developed a variety of textured cardstock packs which are both in 12×12 inches and also 8 1/2 x 11 inches that can be used for scrapbook designs. The packs of paper can also be paper organizer since the packaging is intended to rest on a shelf similar to a magazine holder keeping your papers fixed and organized.

Glue Tape and Stamp Runners from PLUS

Glue tapes are  really important and serves many usage when creating scrapbook designs. Glue Tapes from PLUS are hard-wearing but affordable tapes developed in different sizes and comes with the traditional cartridge and pen-like design making it a handy tape from PLUS corporation for your scrapbook projects. Using this glue tape from PLUS will certainly make your scrapbook project clean and long lasting.

Washi Paper from We R Memory Keepers

Though Washi papers are widely used for scrapbook projects, We R Memory Keepers introduced a 12×12 inch Washi paper sheet patterned with vellum tape paper which can be used in die-cut machines, punches, or with any type of paper craft tools. This is certainly a hit for individuals who loves using Washi papers!

Kellycraft Laser Square

Of course, we want our scrapbook designs lined up straight and look balance. If in case you are having troubles in aligning your materials when designing a scrapbook, then you should get the Kellycraft Laser Square. This “L” shape product will help you align the items you want to place in your scrapbook project making the job simple and easy.

Westcott Scissor Mouse

Are you looking for a safe scissor? If yes, then you should own this wonderful scissor from Westcott – it’s the Westcott Scissor Mouse. For the Scissor Mouse,  the blade is enclosed inside a protective shell and works safely which is highly recommended for kids. This is really an innovative product from Westcott company!

For sure, the development of these products will help all crafters in making their art works look neat and eye-catchy. Not only that, it will also make their work fast and simple. Thanks to those who are clever and sincere in creating new helpful products in the field of arts.


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