The Entrance of Scrapbooks with Technological Advancement

February 17, 2014 No Comments


I happened to visit Turkey last summer on vacation and I had this amazing experience with the sights and scenes whereby I was tempted to take so may photos. Of myself as well as nature and the good looking sights. However reality dawned on me when I got home and I kept wondering what I would do with these photos. I was lucky to attend an exhibition where I shared my worries with one of the exhibitors who advised me that my problem would only be solved by using scrapbooks to preserve my photos.  Scrapbooks are made through the art of scrapbooking and they are simply defined as decorated photo albums in which you can preserve your stories, letters, certificates and any other item you consider valuable.  While some people will handle scrapbooking as a hobby, others are treating it as a way of making a living. It is through the art of scrapbooking that many people have been able to present their creativity.

There are many ideas from which you can make wonderful scrapbooks. What is important is to identify the theme you will use. Some of these themes include weddings, vacations, shopping sprees, honeymoon, your child’s growth and many others. It is in these scrapbooks that you out all the photos for each theme you come up with.  You will require simple tools which include the scrapbooks themselves, cutting materials, photos, adhesives and Embellishments which could be in the form of stamps, brads, eyelets, charms and stickers.

Read below the process of making scrapbooks:

  • Assuming that you already selected your theme, have the photos you wish to use placed on the scrapbook album. At this point, make sure you have a focal point and the color you use at the beginning will determine the color scheme.
  • Decide if you want to use any quotes on the photos and have the pictures mounted next to the write up.  Before fixing your photos, have a layout of how you want the photos to be placed.
  • Using the right adhesives, you can now fix the photos permanently (next to the quotes). Decorate the page with the embellishments of your choice to give add beauty to your scrapbook

A word of caution to you is that you should not over do the layout and acid and lignin free products are the most recommended. Anything else could damage your page with time.  However it is advisable that if you are going into scrapbook making, you ought to know that you will not require very expensive materials. Start with the basics and grow with time.

What are the uses of Scrapbooks? It has been explained at the beginning of this article that you will use them to store your valuable items. Besides you can use them as gifts to your friends and family that you have not interacted with for a while. Scrapbooking on the other hand could help you put your creative ideas to book simply and cheaply. Start building ideas now and showcase your creativity in scrapbooking.

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